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Friday, March 16, 2007


The Failure of Chattisgarh BJP Government

How many more innocent lives will be required to wakeup Chattisgarh government led by Raman Singh.The latest killings of 55 policeman by naxals in Bijapur shows,the total failure of law and order in the state.The Chief Minister is busy in Rajnanadgaon for upcoming elections.
Mr KPS Gill was made the advisor by the CM.He has totally failed in Chattisgarh.Salva Judum is of no help,worse it is making tribals more prone to naxalite killings.The government has no thought process.
During a recent visit to this place,I found that the morale of police force is very low.They are more concerned about their safety rather than the villagers.
Tribals are feeling insecure with,no support from the administration.Quick and Sensible action is required to solve the problem otherwise the situation will get worse.
Naxals have surely got the local support because of the earlier exploitation by the administration and politicians.Involving social groups and addressing economic demands of the tribals can only solve this problem

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