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Friday, March 10, 2006


Non Resident Indians should be given the right to vote

The non resident Indian community that lives outside India is one of the richest communities in the world.Approximately 25 million Indians live oustide India.Various Indian Governments have been announcing different programmes to attract this resourceful and powerful community.The tragedy about this community is that an indian holding foreign passport cannot buy commercial property,agricultural land or even a residential property.For this he has to get RBI's permission.
Indians ,who left the country for one or the other reason still love their country and have emotional bond with their forefathers land.Even if they want to do any good for the country they cannot do so.The Non resident community should be given the right to vote and fight elections.The Vision , knowledge and economic power that this community has will help in building India.
The median income of Indians in America exceeds the US national average.The Indians living in Britain,Singapore,Canada,Hongkong are the richest in their respective countries.They have made success of their hardwork and determination.

I am a true Indian and would like others views in this regard.My aim is to push the Indian government to give equal rights to the Non Resident Indian community.

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