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Saturday, January 21, 2006



This is my effort to bring good people to the influential and dirty world of indian politics.Indian GDP which is around 33,00,000 crores is in the hands of politicians.When good people like Shiv Khera and Prakash Jha lose elections,it is the result of lack of awarness among the common masses.Indian electorate is the most intelligent and also the most ignorant.We are very easily influenced by emotional calls.Our electoral decisions are taken more with heart than with the brain.We need sustained effort to make the masses aware about the importance of good and clean people joining politics.Politics is the one that drives our defence ,our economy our day to day existence.A right or a wrong decision by a politician can make a major difference to the life of a common man.Gandhi the greatest of all politicians in the world is the product of India.Indian religion and philosophy has a great impact on politics.The aim of this blog is to communicate the importance of politics in the life of common people.Every good person who wants to serve the public should aspire to join politics.
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